Harborside Upcycled

Coastal decor and accessories handmade using recycled commercial fishing line and lobster trap rope.

Harborside Upcycled

Up-Cycled Product Categories

Framed Recycled Fishing Rope Art

100% recycled fishing and lobster trap rope framed under glass. All rope is either collected off of local beaches or donated straight from fishing boats. The rope is cleaned, rinsed, and sun dried.

Framed recycled fishing rope art

Fisherman's Friendship Bracelets

Adjustable sliding knot bracelets handmade from 100% recycled fishing net twine collected off of local beaches and scraps donated by local fishing net repair shops.

Fisherman's Friendship Bracelets

Branded Fishing Rope

Branded and framed recycled fishing rope. My custom machined branding irons are heated over coals and different nautical silhouettes are burned straight into the rope. This process exposes the bright internal colors of the rope giving each piece a unique appearance.

Branded fishing rope

Harborside Bottle Openers

Harborside Bottle Openers

Tow Grannies on the Road

Two Grannies on the Road visited Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and visited my shop!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSzs4QGC9YI

Custom Orders

Looking for a unique birthday or wedding gift please let me know!

Email Chris at vascon2196@gmail.com


A clever and unique way to create beauty. Crafted with talent and a great compliment to the classic beach house feel. Nice work!

Jack Resendes

Absolutely love my new recycled rope art! Chris made a custom size and even delivered it to my house! I'm so happy to be the first Rhode Island customer!

Natalie Sullivan

Chris we LOVE the custom piece you did for Sol-Haven! www.solhavenma.com

April Pool Briner